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So what is a brand?

So what is a brand? We are committed to building brands, not just with advertising but also in all forms of marketing and at every point of contact. All businesses have customers, some more than others, and a few businesses consistently have the most loyal customers. What distinguishes the companies that consistently produce the […]

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Looking for a design or branding partner?

Looking for a design or branding partner? Over the past 9 years we have worked with many businesses, from start-up to multinational brand owners’ helping them achieve success. The Beef Company from Shropshire (ABP), Kingdom Interiors, Pago and My Sous Chef are just a few of the entrepreneurial brands that […]

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What is responsive web design?

What is responsive web design? Today websites are accessed from multiple devices, big and small. So what is responsive web design? Simply put, responsive web design ensures your website will work on all web devices including smartphones and tablets, such as iPhone and iPads. Why is it important to consider […]

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Mobile app design West Midlands

DarkeStudio is a branding agency based in West Midlands within the county of Worcestershire. We design and develop applications for the iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. Our approach to developing applications allow for development on multiple operating systems ensuring your product comes to market on all relevant platforms […]

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GP practice mergers

GP practice mergers When surgeries merge, the complexities, emotions, and changes behind the scenes can hinder effective communication to key stakeholders. (Key stakeholders are the employees, directors, suppliers, patience’s and the larger community living in the area). Managing expectations is at the core of the process. This must be done […]

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My Sous Chef

My Sous Chef is a premium brand that provides food lovers with recipes and professional tips from Michelin Star Chefs via a Smartphone applications called ‘My Sous Chef’. My Sous Chef’s key ingredients are Michelin Star Chefs, unique recipes and a countdown multi-timer, which helps to keep our customers on […]

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Experiential Marketing

We create, design and deliver experiential marketing strategies and campaigns that enable ongoing interaction between consumers and brands. Our service includes creative, strategy, design, build, execution, analysis and social amplification. By combining our knowledge of outdoor displays, digital out of home, sticker bombs, street performances, augmented reality, digital scavenger hunts, […]