The Ernest Charles Co.

The Ernest Charles Co. story started over 170 years ago in 1844, when an Exeter chemist, Isaac Lang began selling medicinal seed alongside traditional medicines. As the years passed, the brand grew into a specialist supplier of high quality wild bird feeds and bird tables.

General awareness about the conservation of British wildlife is growing, making the research carried out by organisations such as the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) increasingly valuable. Their research identifies trends in wild bird and wildlife populations and behaviour across the UK, giving insight into how best to preserve, manage or maintain. Being informed in this way combined with a knowledge of creating wild bird feeds, means that the Ernest Charles Co. are at the forefront in providing the correct nutritional requirements for the bird species that visit our gardens.

We were commissioned to create a brand video that would promote ‘Year round feeding’, to be used for promotional and in-store purposes.

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