The Fiskars Group is a Finnish based company that operates internationally, with multiple consumer brands. Best known for its axes and garden hand tool products.

We needed to demystify the market and raise awareness of the Fiskars brand within the UK. This was achieved through a targeted campaign for Fiskars axes from 2013 to 2015, with a strong focus on in-store merchandising and trade marketing which resulted in substantial sales results.

Market research
Firstly we needed to know exactly how the Fiskars brand was being perceived within the UK market. Retailers, customers and sales agent will all have a different perception of the brand, for example they may see Fiskars as a manufacturer, a brand owner of one specific product or they may be blind to the brand all together.

Market research was undertaken to ascertain a number of key areas of importance and interest. These included; market size/segmentation, market position, financial performance, consumer profile, and consumer spend, along with an analysis of competitors and market trends.

Campaign idea
It was established that Fiskars axes were the best developing product category in the garden hand tool market. Therefore a campaign was developed to take advantage of this trend.

Based on the theme of victory, the campaign message plays on how easy and efficient Fiskars axes are to use, so easy that you will get carried away. The tongue in cheek imagery shows scenes of users who have ‘got carried away’ while using a Fiskars axe. The stance of the male subject carries the idea of victory and accomplishment.

As a result of the market research, consumer and trade marketing campaigns followed that focused on key issues along with in-store communications and freestanding display units. As a large proportion of consumers buying decisions are influenced by point of sale and point of purchase materials, a range of shelf wobblers and hangars were also developed to encourage sales.

A series of online campaigns featured on the Fiskars website, social media sites and blogging channels detailed the qualities and selling points of the range. Aimed at raising brand awareness and increasing product demand.

As a result of the campaign, brand awareness of Fiskars increased. Sales also saw a healthy increase in following the launch of the campaign.

Fiskars approached us with the need to increase awareness of their axe range. We created a campaign that focused on how easy and efficient Fiskars axes are to use. The campaign was rolled out across packaging, print, online and in-store, supported by an all new Fiskars axes roadshow.

What we did

  • Advertising
  • Apps
  • Branding
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Guidelines
  • In-store Marketing
  • Trade Marketing
  • Literature
  • Photography
  • Point of Purchase
  • Point of Sale
  • Social Media
  • Web Design

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