Online behavioural advertising

Online behavioural advertising

Online behavioural advertising (OBA) is dependent on your Internet browsing activity. It is a practice that allows agencies and businesses to display relevant online adverts to consumers, which reflect their interests.

Consumers can rest assured that good practice principles are in place, which have been developed by the European advertising industry, that agencies and businesses must follow, when using OBA.

This method of advertising is extremely transparent and safe, allowing the consumer to opt out at anytime.

What is behavioural advertising?
Online behavioural advertising is an effective and efficient method of delivering advertisements to consumers, who already have an interest in your type of product or service. Shared interests are grouped together based on previous web browsing activity. Consumers are then shown advertisements that match their interests.

Another practice known, as ‘retargeting’ will deliver relevant advertisements to consumers based on the content they have just viewed.

So how does online behavioural advertising really work?
In its simplest form targeted advertising uses analytics from search engines, social media, apps and browser cookies. User’s browser search history and IP addresses are also important.

If a consumer is targeted based on their IP address or location it makes them one of the easiest to pitch to. The advertisements shown can be tailored to that user’s location, for example stores can highlight sales or other special offers in the user’s local area.

Once all these components come together an advertising company will have a good idea of where you live and the items you search for or buy. It’s an incredibly detailed user profile created by the consumer. With that information in hand, the ad server will then create focused content that is pertinent to you and your consumer.

Consider this example – a consumer reads a lot news stories about photography and they visit a certain area of a website. If this website has a targeted marketing system in place, they will start seeing advertisements for cameras or other photography related products as they continue to view other websites.

If they frequent a particular website over time it will gather more and more data on their browsing history and, therefore, create more targeted ads over the course of time.

Social media has become a huge platform for online behavioural marketing. It is a prime platform for gathering consumer analytics, users share data on themselves and their lifestyles constantly. As an added bonus a targeted advertising campaign for social media will also gather information from their associates and friends.

Have you tried behavioural advertising?
As you can see behavioural advertising has a huge advantage for both businesses and consumers. It allows you to serve your consumer better by offering more personalised advertisements.

Recent surveys have shown that targeted advertisements, based on user behaviour, converted 6.8% compared with non-targeted ads at 2.8%* with all these benefits isn’t it time you gave behavioural online marketing a shot?

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*Source: Network Advertising Initiative