Responsive website designResponsive website design

Responsive web design

With the enormous increase in the number of devices that can access the Internet, from TVs to smart phones, Wi-Fi laptops and tablet PCs. Our responsive web design services make it possible – and enjoyable – to shop, browse and enquire wherever your customer happens to be.

So what is responsive web design? Simply put, responsive web design ensures your website will work on all web devices including smartphones and tablets, such as iPhone and iPads.

Why is it important to consider responsive website design?
There are several distinct factors that have driven growth in web friendly devices. The first is much wider broadband penetration, 77% of UK homes have taken up broadband. Another factor is the enormous increase in the number of devices that can access the internet, from TVs to Wi-Fi laptops, Smart phones to tablet PCs. All of these devices make it possible – and enjoyable – to surf online wherever you happen to be, so it is vital to make sure your website is dynamic and can adapt its design to be user friendly on every type and size of device.

Responsive website design service
Our three-stage responsive web design service is firmly rooted in strategy and research into your brands target market. Armed with this knowledge we can then make informed decisions on layout, functionality, content and how they fit into a responsive design.

Every website we build are to responsive website design standards and conforms to W3C and BS 8878:2010 accessibility ensure that users past, present and future can view our clients websites. Not only does the responsive web design services maximise a website’s audience, it also delivers a tailor made experience.

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