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In-store marketing

The customer is in the mood to buy, so now is the time to catch their eye. But how do we make sure that they pick your product over a competitors or own brand? Our service starts with understanding your customer’s behaviour, which is influenced by numerous factors. Insights help […]

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App design and development

App design and development. Back in the 1990s people questioned why they needed a website; few people question this now. The same can now be said for mobile apps. With the smart phones becoming more and more popular you can now provide your customers with enhanced knowledge. You can even turn your app into a […]

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We offer top down, bottom up branding services. You might be starting out with a big idea or a blank sheet of paper; we can advise you on naming, positioning, strategy and how to express your idea. If you have an existing brand in place and are looking for a […]

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Trade marketing

Trade marketing is a field that relates to increasing demand with supply chain partners, such as wholesalers and retailers rather than at the consumer level. In short, it is the process by which you ensure supply is available to meet consumer demand.

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Online behavioural advertising

Online behavioural advertising (OBA) is dependent on your Internet browsing activity. It is a practice that allows agencies and businesses to display relevant online adverts to consumers, which reflect their interests.

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Online behavioural retargeting

Online behavioural retargeting is a practice by which a web user’s online history is reviewed through the usage of cookies (sadly not the chocolate chip variety) and other online services, to assess any patterns of activity that could indicate an interest in a product or service.

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In-store beacons

Everything you need to know about in-store beacons and how you can streamline your customer’s experiences.

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Social trends

Social Trends for retailers. Do you want to know which social trends are shaping the retail industry? Based on interviews with well-known experts and reports, we have written up a review of what is exactly going on.

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Brand positioning

Brand positioning is your chance to stand out from your competitors. Instead of being one of many products, effective branding can elevate your product or service showing that it is more desirable than anyone else’s. It can create emotional resonance in the minds of consumers who choose products using both […]

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Brand management

Brand management techniques. Once you have established the identity of your brand, you have to decide how you are going to get your message into the marketplace and engage people..

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We work with many different businesses and brand owners, from the very big to the very small, tackling new product launches or refreshing established brands. Our approach to all projects is the same; to create simple and bold packaging, that brings the idea to life and connects with the customer.

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We offer lifestyle, commercial and product photography. Whether you need a look book for a new collection, product shots of your goods or anything in-between.

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Responsive web design

With the enormous increase in the number of devices that can access the Internet, from TVs to smart phones, Wi-Fi laptops and tablet PCs. Our responsive web design services make it possible – and enjoyable – to shop, browse and enquire wherever your customer happens to be.

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Our search engine optimisation (SEO) services are designed to increase your visibility within Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our approach is simple and is based on your business objectives, and a focused on providing a return on your investment.

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Social media campaigns

We create targeted social media campaigns that build traffic, promote brands and increase sales. Our social media engagement solutions make it easier to measure online conversations and become an essential member of the growing online community.

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App testing

The app market has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the past few years with over 7 billion apps downloaded in 2015.