So what is a brand?

So what is a brand?
We are committed to building brands, not just with advertising but also in all forms of marketing and at every point of contact. All businesses have customers, some more than others, and a few businesses consistently have the most loyal customers. What distinguishes the companies that consistently produce the best results?It is the way they think about their responsibilities to their customers and the way they go about meeting it. Why is this such a big difference?

The answer is simple, your brand is your future.

Of all the things you and we manage, nothing is as important as your brand(s). Nothing is as valuable or enduring as your brand(s).

So what is a brand? Let’s start with what a brand is not:

  • A person or staff
  • The founder of the company
  • The company
  • The product or service

A brand is a promise. A successful brand promise is carried consistently by everything a consumer observes and experiences:

  • Your company name and brand mark
  • The colour and typography of your collateral
  • Articles and public relations related to your company
  • The people who use your product
  • Your website(s)
  • Your advertising and signage and even your invoices

A brand can encompass all the thoughts, feelings and associations that a customer experiences when exposed to your brand. Every point of customer contact with your brand either builds or erodes the brand. This is why consistency is so critical.

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